The Swedish Welcome method

Tourism operators who choose to work with the Swedish Welcome approach want to make a difference. They want to meet and even exceed their guests’ expectations in a sustainable way. The method is based on a professional guest, the advisor, looking at the business from an outside perspective, which informs any suggestions for improvement so the business can be just as good as it wants to be. Measurability, awareness and motivation.

The business becomes aware of their strengths

When the advisor shows up the company is getting a visit by a ‘professional guest’. A person whose job is to experience the tourism business from the guest’s perspective. The advisor works with a framework that includes over a hundred points in ten different areas. All to give a comprehensive picture of the business. Through this process operators get the benefit of a personal coach and a unique opportunity to see their business through critical, but friendly, eyes.
Great emphasis is placed on existing strengths, which is an important part of the method’s basic philosophy. That is to say, strengths are the basis of all the successes so far, but everyday life makes everyone ‘home blind’. You do not always see your own strengths clearly. We change that.

Discover shortcomings before the guest does

Just as there are strengths that the business does not see, there are shortcomings that visitors do see, but the business is unaware of. The method gives operators the opportunity to see their company with new eyes and together with their employees they can feel proud of what they are good at and understand flaws that might have been seen but not addressed.

Get inspiration for the next step

The key to success is when you feel secure in yourself and become aware of things that can be improved – then you are ready for new inspiration. The advice includes not only an analysis of the company’s strengths and weaknesses, but also a number of constructive, concrete suggestions on how the business might proceed. The advisor will visit a large number of tourism operators every year, contributing to a huge bank of experience which Swedish Welcome participants can benefit from.
Feedback, affirmation, inspiration, checklists and practical advice. These are Swedish Welcome’s greatest strengths.
Participating businesses receive:

  • An overall analysis of activities through a visit from a professional advisor
  • Individual advice for better guest experiences and sustainable development
  • Inspiration through references and examples
  • A summary report to involve employees and management together in development activity
  • Opportunities for collaboration, inspiration and knowledge exchange with other participants
  • Introduction and materials to enable use of the Swedish welcome framework for self motivated

If you are interested in participating in Swedish Welcome, please contact the regional advisor for more information.

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