Quality and sustainability

Sweden is fantastic! Every year more and more tourists visit our country, not least international guests. Swedish tourism accounts for a growing share of the Swedish economy and employment. Moreover, it is considered to have one of the greatest potentials for growth. But the planet sets the framework for growth so we need to be a tourist in a way that shows concern for people and nature. The challenge is to develop in a good way.

Therefore, Swedish Welcome created a unique method that combines quality with sustainable development.


The Swedish Welcome approach to quality is based on the guest, the guest needs and expectations. It is about meeting or exceeding them, no matter what level expectations are set. For some, accessibility might be the most important thing. Another may value cleanliness, or that food and drink uses high-quality organic ingredients. Hence the principle that every business should be able to be as good as they want to be, based on their individual aspirations and potential.

Sustainable Development

The Swedish Welcome approach to sustainability is based on ecological, social and economic sustainability, with leadership and commitment to the business being as important as the sustainable use of resources. Natural and cultural environments, water, energy, food and social responsibility are all important resources for the tourism industry. Working for sustainable development is a prerequisite for satisfied customers, both today and in the future. The Swedish tourist industry should be built with sustainability and accountability. The method gives businesses an insight into this work and how they can strengthen their efforts to reach out with their involvement.