Promises to guests

Tourism operators that work with the Swedish Welcome approach make the guest their focus and want to contribute to sustainable development. They are actively working to meet the following ten undertakings:

  1. We are continually working to improve the experience for our guests
  2. We communicate clearly about our accessibility for people with special needs
  3. We provide a safe and secure environment for our guests and our employees
  4. We educate and involve our employees so that together we have the skills and motivation to achieve our vision, our core values and our commitments
  5. We comply with laws and regulations
  6. We contribute to income opportunities and social services at the destination in a way that benefits the population, nature, our culture and our traditions
  7. We save energy and switch from fossil fuels to renewable alternatives and continually redcue our dependence metals that are unusual in nature (such as lead, cadmium, mercury, copper, silver, etc.)
  8. We are efficient in the use of chemicals and replace the ones that nature can not handle and that adversely affect our own hormonal systems, plant and animal life, with eco-labeled biodegradable alternatives
  9. We use resources from, and contribute to, well-kept nature and marine environments, so that we do not over exploit and impoverish the planet’s biological diversity
  10. We operate our business so that we contribute to both the local and global society and not for short term prosperity at the expense of the quality of life for those who live in developing countries

The Swedish Welcome logo shows that the tourism operator is serious about their work and that they are actively working for a better guest experience and sustainable development.