Helps regions, municipalities and destinations to contribute to Agenda 2030

Tourism’s unique status as an export industry that is both job-intensive and impossible to relocate makes it particularly interesting for long-term development. As an often fragmented industry and largely operating in rural areas, it is particularly well suited for collaboration and the exchange of experience that Swedish Welcome promotes. The method is a catalyst for collaborations that contribute to Agenda 2030, and not least to Goal 17, which focuses on effective partnerships that make a difference.


Swedish Welcome supports the development of sustainable tourism with:

  • Quality assured products with higher sustainability performance and conscious entrepreneurs
  • A tool for measuring and following up the impact goals of the companies’ work in quality and sustainability
  • Indications of the educational and information developments needed to strengthen a sustainable visitor industry
  • Statistics that highlight the benefits and development of tourism through more than just the number of guest nights

The means to follow up on impact goals of companies’ collective work in a region or destination is valuable in showing real measurable and sustainable change that makes a quantifiable difference. The ability to describe tourism’s benefits and development with more qualitative variables than simply number of guest nights provides a good basis for governance and also the opportunity to set clear quality and sustainability goals in line with Agenda 2030.

The result is quality-assured products with improved sustainability performance. Conscious entrepreneurs are inspired to engage with sustainable collaborations between themselves and the public sector. In short, a sustainable visitor industry moving towards meeting Agenda 2030.

Would you like to know more? Contact the Swedish Welcome Board for more information on how your region, municipality or destination can work with the method for a stronger sustainable tourism industry. Here you will also find contacts to the regions that are already members of the association Swedish Welcome.


“The method easily becomes a catalyst for collaboration and enables destinations to set clear quality and sustainability goals in line with Agenda 2030 ”

Helene Berg, CEO Smålands Turism