Swedish Welcome – guidance for entrepreneurs and business leaders

The hospitality industry is characterized by many different types of business, where it is important to see positive results from quality and sustainability efforts in the form of improved profitability. Swedish Welcome’s practical focus on consulting through authorised advisors gives you the opportunity quickly to find plenty of opportunities for improvement and develop the business’s strengths directly. The method includes a complete analysis of the business, all based on better experiences for guests and improved sustainability.


Participants in Swedish Welcome receive:

  • An overall assessment of the business through visits by professional advisors
  • Feedback on the company’s strengths and tailored advice for development and improvement
  • Inspiration through references and good examples from other businesses in the hospitality industry
  • A summary advisory report to engage and involve employees and management teams in improvement work
  • A checklist of tasks working towards sustainability
  • Opportunities for collaboration, inspiration and knowledge exchange with other participants
  • Introduction to and materials for working on continuous improvements according to the method structure

Do you want to know more? Contact your region for further information and to register for Swedish Welcome.


Many thanks for the report, a very good work tool for our quality development. We have shown improvement for the third in a row. It is great to have external, objective evaluation of Bohus fästning.”

Pether Ribbefors, Business Developer and Project Manager, Bohus fästning