A way to sustainability and better guest experiences

Tourism professionals who choose to work with Swedish Welcome want to make a difference. They want to meet – or exceed – the guest’s expectations in a sustainable way. Swedish Welcome is based on a professional guest, the Advisor, who looks at the business from an outside perspective and presents suggestions for improvement to help the company to be as good as it can. Measurability, awareness and motivation.


Confirmation of strengths

When the Advisor shows up, the business gets a visit from a professional guest. A person whose job is to experience tourism companies from the guest’s perspective. The Advisor works with a structured checklist that includes about one hundred aspects in ten different areas. Together, these give a comprehensive picture of the business.

During the process, the managers and owners receive a personal coach and a unique opportunity to get their business examined by critical but sympathetic eyes. Emphasis is placed on the strengths of the business, which is an important part of Swedish Welcome’s basic philosophy. Of course, the strengths are the foundation for past success, but everyday life can make people home-blind. It is hard to see yourself as others see you. Swedish Welcome changes that.


Discover shortcomings before the guest does

Just as there are strengths that the business might not see, there are shortcomings that the guests see but which the business might unaware of. Swedish Welcome gives participants the opportunity to see their company with fresh eyes and, together with their employees, feel proud of what they are good at and to be inspired by the potential for improvement.


The advice and summary report have provided us with excellent material to use in our daily and strategic work.”

Marie Berglund, Castle Manager, Wiks Slott