We answer your questions

Who can participate in Swedish Welcome?

Essentially, all businesses in the hospitality industry can participate in Swedish Welcome. The method is divided into the categories: Experience, Restaurant and Accommodation. Here you can see all participating businesses represented by each category.


How does the advice work?

The process begins with a mystery guest visit. One of our authorised advisors visits the business and makes an incognito assessment from the guest’s perspective. Then we book a follow-up meeting where the guest journey is reviewed along with behind the scenes activities and processes. After the meeting you receive an advisory report – an action plan – that highlights both strengths and areas with potential for improvement. More information about the method can be found here.


How do I sign up?

Contact your region for more information on registration, costs and implementation (link to the contact page). If your region is not among the active members, you can also contact the board for more information.


What does it cost?

The regions work a little differently regarding the costs of implementing the advice; contact your region for current information. It is usual that the expenses in connection with the Advisor’s visit, e.g. entrance fees, the cost of an activity or overnight stay, are paid by the business.


Can I use the logo in marketing?

You bet! Swedish Welcome’s logo characterises businesses that actively work for a better guest experience and sustainable development. Participating companies who have received their report are welcome to use the logo to show that their business is engaged in a sustainable visitor industry. Contact your advisor for access to the logo.


How do the statistics work?

The statistics are based on assessments made by our authorised advisors in ten areas using around one hundred aspects. Here you can read more about the aspects used for each category.


Who owns Swedish Welcome?

Swedish Welcome AB is owned by the Swedish Welcome Association, which is a non-profit association where the majority of Sweden’s regions are members. Read more about the association here.