Swedish Welcome

Swedish Welcome offers a unique method of development for tourism operators. The method takes into account quality and hospitality, as well as ecological, economic and social development. Input from authorised advisors helps team leaders, managers or owners identify their company’s strengths and areas for improvement. The method is built on a hundred aspects divided into ten different areas; hospitality, guest information, interior and exterior, housekeeping, food and beverage, accessibility, security, equipment, governance and also energy, water and waste.

Through an unannounced visit and a booked meeting the advisor makes an analysis of the business and gives suggestions about how the tourism operator can act sustainably and give a better guest experience. The participant receives a written report as well as an introduction in how to use the Swedish Wecome method for their own long term development.

The Swedish Welcome logo shows that the tourism operator is serious about their work and that they are actively working for a better guest experience and sustainable development.

The following regions/organizations work actively with the Swedish Welcome method:

Region Östergötland
West Sweden Tourist Board
Smålands Tourism
Destination Småland
Visit Värmland
Region Uppsala
Västmanland Tourism
Regionförbundet Kalmar Län
Region Halland
Visit Blekinge
Region Gävleborg